As some of you may know the band known as Winter Dance Party has gone through a signifigant hell in the last week. If you could pass this information along to anyone you think will care it would be much appreciated.

1) One month ago we were unloading our equipment when a young gentleman approached us on a bicycle. He asked us several questions about our band and amps and then displayed a hand gun. No threats were made but we got the idea. He left and we finished unloading quickly to avoid trouble.

2) On 6/24/00Douglas Tuttle was asked to leave the band. We are currently trying out new drummers, and feel we will be ready to play again in one month.

3) On 6/27/00 our application for a loan with Cambridgeport bank to get a loan for a van was denied. We will continue to apply with every bank we can.

4) On 6/26/00 the remaining members of the band found that the following items were stolen out of Abey's car via a smashed car window. Marshall JCM 800 100 watt guitar head Jay turser guitar brand new hardshell guitar case one distortion pedal one tuning pedal several guitar cords

5) On 6/26/00 Chris was assaulted on the streets of Cambridge by the said individual from occurance #1. Not wanting to risk a bullet in the head he left the scene quietly.

6) As of 6/30/00 the record is still being mixed and will be pressed in the seven inch format by the remaining members of the band. 500 copies will be made initially.

7) Due to our rash breakout of bad luck we will be on hiatus for about a month. We plan to regroup with a new drummer and a new name sometime in August. Our two week tour has been canceled. Without equipment or money we can't leave despite how much this breaks our hearts. We will still play the same songs live, and the record will be produced under the title of the new band name. One song "Coik Fallacy" will be availble only on the mp3 format. thanks to everyone who helped us out and motivated us to struggle through this difficult time. Abey Hardy, Chris Steinmetz & Colby Hamilton