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Douglas Tuttle

Position: Drums, samples
Equipment: Remo Acousticon four piece drum set (B-Bop sizes), Ziljian A 13" Hi-Hats, Ziljian A 23" Ride, Ziljian K 18" Crash, Fire Bell stolen from side of former practice space.
Occupation: Co-operation
Legal Status Citizen of the U.S. w/out criminal record
Identity: Publicly Known
Place of Birth: Rochester, NH, U.S.A.
Base of Operations: Cambridge,MA U.S.A.
Currently Listening to: Guyana Punchline Maximum Smashism, The Nation Of Ulysses Plays Pretty For Baby, Fugazi Red Medicine
Currently Reading: Vintage Synthesizers
Former Party Memberships: Imagine Being Deaf, Life Passed On, Iblis, Tuff Az Briggs, The Device